Salad Suggestion:Melissa’s Peeled & Steamed Ready to Eat Baby Beets

Sent in from bootcamp team members: Melissa F and Kelly K:

“Melissa’s Peeled & Steamed Ready to Eat Baby Beets”
Prepared/Packaged Baby Beets (They are in a little box over behind the demo area of Wegmans in a small refrigerated section of produce dept.)

Kel’s Favorite salad every day is now:
Romaine lettuce
3 or so baby beets cut up
pine nuts
goat cheese
w/ 1 tbsp olive oil & 1tbsp balsamic glace

Have a favorite salad mix to share?      You know how I love my salad time!

3 thoughts on “Salad Suggestion:Melissa’s Peeled & Steamed Ready to Eat Baby Beets”

  • mmm! My favorite combo (which I eat daily at work, when I’m on a roll) is

    a bag of baby field greens (the whole bag)
    1 cup sliced strawberries
    1 cup sliced cucumbers
    1 can of water-packed tuna

    basalmic vinegar/olive oil or light greek dressing

  • HI Christine

    You mix the strawberries with the tuna? Doesn’t give you an odd mixture/taste?

    I personally don’t eat tuna, but I am sure others will try this!

    Thanks for posting!!

  • I just kind of layer everything, the strawberries are a good sweet contrast to the tuna…I know it sounds weird, but it works…the fiber keeps me full longer than if I left them out :o)

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