My workout for today…

This is the last week of the 4week camp – so it’s time to really push!

Today’s workout:
3 rounds
Total rep count each round as many reps as you can do for a minute each station w/ 1 rest/active station.

scissor steps on the box for 30/push-ups with feet up on the box for 30/scissor steps on the box for 30
standing Woodchop with dynaball for 60 sec
25lb dumbell back rows for 60 sec
400m run <– although today bc it was subzero temps, we did jump ropes for 1.5 mins straight.
Overhead push press 65lbs barbell for 60 sec

What was your workout today?

2 thoughts on “My workout for today…”

  • Week 1 of new workouts for group training!
    – start off jumping rope for 30 sec, then burpees 30 sec and repeat
    – stretching, pushups, core, abs and back
    6 exercises done for 1 min at each station – two times through
    – hang cleans (75lbs/85lbs)
    – SOTT press – squat and shoulder press – 25lbs
    – single leg lunge w/squat – 30lbs
    – platinum situps
    – rope waves
    – chest press into tricep ext – 40lbs (tried 50 but couldn’t full do the triceps yet)
    PT Station – 15, 12, 9
    – shoulder press
    – walking lunges holding a 25lb plate overhead
    – squat thrusts x 2

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