My work out was…What was yours?

So a new group training 4 week session started today and MT mixed it up a bit:

Warmup was on the BOSU. One of the camp ladies – Kimmy S (aka Sizzler)- would love it. We call her the BOSU Master! I really enjoyed this new warm-up – it was fun and very challenging.

We did straddle jumps, kick jumps, and fast jumps on the BOSU. We did 3 heart pounding rounds!
Core training was stability ball mania: ball exchange, scissor twists, and crunches & ended with Supermans and some wide leg supermans <–not the technical name!

Then we started the 2 round workout: AMRepsAP

hang cleans 85lbs
overhead squats 65lbs (15)
bench press 95lbs
stability ball exchange
one arm hang cleans (15 each side max)

PT Station was 25lb dumbbell push press squats, and then jump rope (your weight) 15, 12, 9 reps for time

2 thoughts on “My work out was…What was yours?”

  • I did the same workout and it was pretty good! It was hard to muster up the energy after doing a double the day before including the bootcamp at 7PM, so w/11hrs rest, it took a toll!

    Kimmy – that’s a good tidbit!

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