Gold’s Gym workout

I went to gold’s this morning. I spent about 1.5 hours working out. Here’s what I did –

4.5 mi on the treadmill
weight training:
push presses 25lbs 2 sets of 15
lunges 25lbs the length of the gym and back
25lb barbell overhead squats 50
some arm work 20lb dumbells
bench jumps 50x

Push-ups – 30
stairmill 10 mins at 9/10 level

What did you do?

1 thought on “Gold’s Gym workout”

  • I ran 3 miles in the humid warm weather in FL. Then did pushups, abs and stretching. I think you are taking Sunday’s off now, but I had my frist basketball game tonite (Sun) and I am already feeling the different muscles being used!

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