A new camp, a new Monday Workout

car-iceToday, when i woke up at 5a it was cold!! I had to scrape the ice off my car windows before I left for boot camp… but it was a new camp and I always am excited to see what’s in store for us!

We started off doing 1 min jump ropes, 1 min turkish get ups (TGUs) – 2 rounds to warm up
We did a bunch of ab work today: crunches,  something else where we connected our knees and elbows and rocked, and then did 6in flutters – 2 rounds
25 bottom up push ups

Workout was 3 rounds AMrepsAP within 1 min timeframe
power clean squats
overhead back lunges/push presses with 45lb sandbag (rest/active)
dip exchange with 25lb kettelbells/pushups
assisted rope climb

The overhead back lunges were the toughest for me. I could not hold that sandbag over my head and lunge at the same time. I kept losing balance. What I try to keep in mind is that there is ALWAYS a huge difference week 1 compared to week 4, so I know it will come with patience and practice.

Post your exercise for today…

2 thoughts on “A new camp, a new Monday Workout”

  • Week 2 of group for me. It felt harder than last week, maybe because after a week, you usually “get it” and can go up in weight.
    Warmups: jump rope for 1 min, burpees for 1 min x 3; 3 kinds of situps and then laying on your stomach back lifts (no feet) and then figure 8’s.
    – power clean – 85lbs (will go up next week)
    – press to tricep ext – 40lbs (can’t seem to go up in weight yet bc of the tricep portion)
    – lunge squats – 30lbs (back lunge then squat, switch legs
    – SOTTs – 25lbs (I’ll go up in weight next time)
    – platinum pushups
    – rope waves (this is harder than it sounds)!
    PT Station:
    – shoulder press, walking lunges w/45lb weight overhead, squat thrusts – 15, 12 and 9 (x2 for squat thrusts)

    We all felt like this was harder today than last Monday for some reason and it showed…pretty tough day!

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