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Workout and Fitness Tips: Common Workout Excuses.

After talking to some people this weekend, I realized just how many excuses people have for not being active. Some of the ones heard this weekend, I don’t have time, I am not athletic, I just dont want to work hard… Do you have any favorite ones?

4 Important Nutrients You May be Missing.

So many people I speak to are definitely deficient in Vit D.  Thats mentioned here as well as some other nutrients.

Setting Fitness Goals: Tips for Slackers → Cranky Fitness.

These are some pretty solid ideas and advice. I have to constantly remind myself that I am not in the position to compare myself to anyone else. We all are so different and our body shapes are different – no one is going to look the same. As this article says: setting goals is a very personal thing. And this sums it all up so nicely:

“Whether you want to set short-term easy goals, or long term impossible goals, you probably have a “bottom line” fitness goal. Something along the lines of: stay active for the rest of your life!”

Look Young to Live Longer?.

I have been told I look younger since I become active. I think that if you look young, you feel young, which in terms helps you live longer and healtier.

Switching Gears a bit topic wise:

Drilling Down – Digital Habits Shift Across Age Groups –

Interesting article about digital habits across age groups. “Children aren’t the only ones whiling away hours on the Internet; people of retirement age now spend even more time online than youngsters.”

Twitch Vintage

For that something different fashion lover, here’s a decent vintage clothing shop on ebay.

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