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Confessions of a Former Diet Coke Addict.

Did I write this??  Having given up Diet Coke myself after being a Diet Cokaholic For as long as I can remember I could have written it, that’s for sure. I don’t miss it at all to be honest, which is the most shocking part of all. I also drink water and an occasional unsweet Ice Tea.  And I am happy knowing that I am not putting phenylalanine in my system day after day after day. I also would bet money on that having a huge effect on my weight loss as well.

– Bondi Band.

I am going to order some of these to try them out. I don’t know if you have this problem too, but when I am working out my headband keeps slipping off my head.  I use those Goody Headbands which I currently would grade a C-.  I will keep you posted on how they workout.

Get Out of Your Running Rut – That’s Fit.

I like the reference to running naked –“Run ‘naked.’ Just go run. Leave your watch, heart rate monitor, GPS and any other devices at home. Don’t worry about numbers such as your heart rate zone, distance, time or pace. Listen to your body or listen to the wind in the trees and the singing birds. Just go run for the sheer joy of running — not because you have to, but because you can.”

I have done this once or twice, not because I wanted to feel the wind in my hair, but because my ipod was dead or I forgot to bring my HR monitor along and you know what? It can be really enjoying to really get out there in nature and get inside your own head for a bit without all that ‘noise’. I would highly recommend it from time to time.

Kids Bombarded With Internet Junk Food Ads – That’s Fit.

Researchers recently examined 28 websites most frequented by children and found the majority of advertisements for food met experts’ criteria for “foods to avoid.” Popular sites like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, among others, promoted sugar-filled cereals, candy, soda or fast food, according to Dr. Lori Dorfman, director of the Berkeley Media Studies Group in California and one of the researchers on the study. In fact, out of the 77 foods advertised on these sites, only five were considered healthy enough for children to consume, the researchers report in the American Journal of Public Health.

How disturbing is this information? If you ever watch those channels like Nick and CN, you know the commercials are all for sugary food and fast food and crappy cluttery toys. I just hadn’t really thought about the ADs served up to these sites. I have been more worried about the “other” dangers of the Internet.  We wonder why obesity rates are sky rocketing or do we?

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