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30 Seconds Is All You Need To Get Fit(ter) – That’s Fit.

This study is saying that if you add sprints to your workout you may be able to break through a plateau in fitness. And they are not only relating sprinting to running — sprints are classified as short, very intense bursts of physical endurance.

5 Most Popular And Trendy Workout Programs Today | Fitness Health

Zumba, Spinning, PX90, Pole Dancing and of course Bootcamp are all talked about.  Good options for anyone looking to explore fitness offerings. Their boot camp description does not match my boot camp experience.  Ours is more of a Crossfit approach.

Fashion Notes:

this reminds me of Anthropologie

Top 5 Cult Beauty Products That Actually Deserve Their Hype – College Fashion.

Even though this is a college fashion blog, us “old people” can get some good advice. I may just check out the eye shadow primer.

Tech Notes:

How Facebook Is Making Friending Obsolete –

Suddenly, our friends were something even better – an audience. If blogging felt like shouting into the void, posting updates on a social network felt more like an intimate conversation among friends at a pub.

…So I give up. Rather than fighting to keep my Facebook profile private, I plan to open it up to the public – removing the fiction of intimacy and friendship.

Interesting perspective. I don’t know if I really was really considered that   there was a sense of intimacy within the confines of FB. Maybe it’s because I come from the Internet generation but I am sure I am in the minority when it comes to that. I always figure you put it out there, its out there for everyone to see..

Data Overload? « Teds Take.

Ted L put this up on his blog linking to an AOL article about Overload of data coming at people now a days.  Just staggering to think about it all…

Navigating the Cyber Life of Teens – Sphere News.

…kids today are fundamentally different from how their parents were at the same age. “These teens have grown up multitasking, and they believe in communication in a multitude of ways,” …”It means that parents have a new responsibility. We have to respect their style and try to understand the way that they operate.”

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