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Six Mistakes That Make Fitness Fail | Fitness Health

Some good tips to be found for helping keep you on the straight and narrow.

Are You Kidding Me? Size 4 Model Considered “Fat” – That’s Fit.

Once again this is talked about like it’s news. This has been this way forever. It’s crazy and any rational person knows that a size 4 is teeny tiny.

Even a Little Exercise Fights Obesity.

While frequent exercise is known to fight obesity and improve mental health, as little as 30 minutes of physical activity one or two days a week can have benefits, according to the 2009 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

Oklahoma Couple Wants To “Return” Adopted Son – Parents return adopted child – Jezebel.

What a sad and interesting story. What to do really? What is the right answer? Reading this article, sounds like someone that handled the adoption didn’t tell the truth. This kid didn’t all of sudden turn violent when he got to his new home – he had problems way before that it sounds. In my opinion – these should be handled on a case by case basis – no sweeping laws to address it in a one size fits all. This clearly sounds like this case was not handled properly. I feel for the parents – they were trying to do a good thing…

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