Welcome back to camp!

First day back after a week break from boot camp. Last week I went to the gym 5 days-I was pretty proud of myself. Mon-Thurs at 530a and then again on Saturday. I figured I would normally be headed to boot camp, so why change the routine. I also let myself indulge in a lot of the holiday festivities, including yummy food. You can’t deprive yourself from things that you enjoy all the time. I have mentioned the 80/20 rule before – If you keep it clean 80% of the time, then you are doing great!

Today’s camp continues on with the Monday workout for this month. We had 9 of the 20 ladies show up this early morning. I am sure many are away enjoying the holiday season.

Last week, I did a lot of cardio focused exercises – I ran a ton, did some weights but nothing like camp, and did a lot of core work. So coming back to camp today – with power cleans, squats etc at the intensity that we go at it in camp – was tough. I could feel the creaking of my muscles. It’s amazing how quickly your muscles adapt to not using them. I always say its sad how fast you can get out of shape, but how long and hard it is to get in shape… not fair!

We started off doing 1 min jump ropes, 1 min turkish get ups (TGUs) – 2 rounds to warm up then  We did a bunch of ab work today: crunches, something else where we connected our knees and elbows and rocked, and then did 6in flutters – 2 rounds
25 bottom up push ups

Workout was 3 rounds AMrepsAP within 1 min timeframe
power clean squats
overhead back lunges/push presses with 45lb sandbag (rest/active)
dip exchange with 25lb kettelbells/pushups
assisted rope climb

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