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Get Motivated With These Inspirational Quotes | Women’s Health Magazine.

Great quotes found in this free pdf. I like to read all sorts of quotes to help me reach my goals.

Start (and Stick to) a Strength Training Program in 2010 – That’s Fit.

Lots of articles around this time of year focus on getting in shape. The beginning of the year the gyms will be crowded with good intentions. I figure the more people read about getting in shape, the higher chance that something will stick.

Try Chef Meg’s Island Chicken with Pineapple Salsa.

I love Pineapple and am goin to try this healthier version of Island Chicken. Let me know if you do try it…

Wholly Guacamole – America’s #1 Guacamole.

Have you tried this Guac? I served it at a party recently and it received rave reviews. I offered the Pico de Gallo style which has 40 calories a serving. They also have snack packs at 100 calories a serving. I was in heaven! They sell them at Target and Wegmans, so check it out if you are lookin for some tasty guac that won’t cost too many calories.

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