Heading back

Today is the last day of the holiday vacation which was a “staycation”. I am happy that as a family we are going to get back into our routine. The kids need structure and we as their parents, need them to have structure.  I love my kids more than life itself, but they are not their usual selves after a few days away from their own hustle and bustle. So it is with mixed feelings that we all head back to regular life…

I do feel that I accomplished a lot in our house. I went through our closets and cabinets and purged so much. Scott went through the basement and purged a ton of old crap. Why that man holds on to empty boxes is beyond me.  We also went through our pantry and fridge and freezer and got rid of expired and old food boxes. What is it about us that we feel the need to have a ton of extra food everywhere possible? Oh well, out with the old habits!

Today, we finish the declutter 2010 project and get everyone ready to head back. Hope everyone had some great and productive time off!

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