Saturday at Gold’s

I went out last night to say a happy hour goodbye to Cheryl “jersey”. She is moving to Tampa for a job. It makes me very sad. I have known Jersey for quite a few years but it has been the last year or so that we have become close. She pushes me in my workout efforts and has one of those wonderful personalities that you can’t help but laugh all-the-time. Good Luck Jersey – I am going to miss you a ton!!

Today’s workout was at Gold’s Gym. I like to focus on more cardio centric work when I go to the gym. At Plumbline, we do such heavy weights and do HIT workouts, that a cardio workout is a nice change of pace.

Treadmill for 4mis. I did an avg of 6.5 on the treadmill but during the last .25 mile of each mile I did, i upped it to 7.0 -7.5 to add in intervals.

Then on to the weight room:

45lb OH squats (2 sets of 15)
45lb back squats (2 sets of 15)
40lb side bends (2 sets of 10)
25lb lunges back and forth the length of the gym (1 set)
25lb Push Presses(2 sets of 15)
45lb Halos (2 sets of 15
50 bench jumps

Then I ended the workout with 10 mins of stairmill and 50 push-ups on the BOSU.

The gym is still crowded with new year resoluters. Gotta give them credit, they are showing up and doing it. I hope they keep it up.
What are you going to do today to stay healthy and fit? It’s cold outside so hopefully it’s something in doors!

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  • why only 45lbs on the back squat or OH press?? come on stephy! at least stick w/ the standard weight in your wrk outs! good job on the wrkout!!

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