A Tough Tuesday Workout

Today’s workout was very tough for me. I tweaked my back a bit on yesterday’s workout. I think it was the power cleans and not using proper form the entire time. Of course, not on purpose, but when you are going at it that fast – sometimes you compensate.

But as usual, I am thankful for my partners in crime. I would be resting a bit too long and then I would hear, C’mon Stephy!! Perfect timing!!

checkpoints, lunges, frankensteins, push-ups
core: partner 14lb dynaball tosses, and then ball twists
25 head to head partner double high five partner push-ups.

workout: AMRepsAP for 3 rounds

bicep curls with a barbell with a 15lb strap on it
135# deadlifts
TGUs 20lbs
hangclean push presses 25Lbs
25lb kettlebell swings

extra round for time:

40 bicep curls
10 135# deadlifts
2 each side -TGUs 20lbs
40 hangclean push presses 25Lbs
40 25lb kettlebell swings

Some days you just don’t perform at your peak. I think for me, it was a mental & physical issue today.  MT was giving me a hard time about it too and questioning my time. It’s good on one hand that he notices and pushes me constantly, but on the other hand, there are days when you just don’t feel it. My friend Suzi-Q laughs when he does this. She and I both let MT get under our skin. As we were leaving, she said, you know you are going to review his words all day long. She is right and tomorrow I will use those words to push myself harder. I will show him, HA!
What workout did you do today?

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