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Heidi Montag Syndrome: Do You Know When To Stop? – Lose Stubborn Fat!.

This is a great post about what is good enough? I have this same issue with every weigh in. Heck -EVERY DAY.

26% Once a girl hits 26% bodyfat, I’m letting her know that she’s totally healthy, and that even though TV tells us that a girl that’s at 26% bodyfat is pretty average, the reality is she’s ahead of 80% of America.

23% Then at 23% bodyfat, I’m letting her know that she’s really in shape now – she’s officially a work out girl and she’s ahead of 90% of the girls in America.  She’s fit, lean, and there is nothing left to “fix”.

If she wants to be a rockstar, we can take her to rockstar, but she’s already awesome.

21% At 21% body fat a girl should know she’s really ahead of the game.  Girls should relate to themselves as being really, really hot at 21% bodyfat, and should feel really, really good about that.  Along with that, by this point my clients have completely transformed their relationship to fitness – they’re stronger, healthier, doing pull ups, kicking ass, and relating to themselves as an athlete.

19% At this point you have achieved rock-stardom.  You’re done.  We shift the context to fitness related goals – what ever fun/cool thing you’ve always wanted to be able to do.  You may get leaner from here, but it’s not necessary, and it’s not the goal.

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