Wednesday’s session

My body is worn out. My back is sore and when the alarm goes off at 5a, this past week, all I have wanted to do is turn it off and crawl back under the warm blanket.  I think though at this point, I have mastered the ability to quiet that sleep monster most days.  And as usual, as soon as I am done with the workout, I am so happy that I completed it.  There are days when I am so sore, I think to myself, at what point is it enough?  I don’t mean enough as in stop, but enough as in – isn’t that too much weight, do I really need to increase the weights I use? Isn’t switching it up monthly enough? I don’t know the answer to that, but when I feel like this –  those questions bubble up.  And I ponder them as I write this and eat my steel cut oatmeal with fresh pears.

1 leg jump ropes alternating legs each 30 sec
Regular speed jump rope for 1 min

I actually did the one leg jumping pretty well today. I was pleasantly surprised and then I realized how friggin much that hurts.

BOSU Mania today for our CORE work:
crunches on the BOSU
6 inches with balancing the BOSU on your legs – a BOSU weights 14lbs!
V-ups on the BOSU
Stomach side – upper body lifts and lower body lifts to work your back which really hurts this week.

Main workout 2 rounds AMRepsAP

Burpees –
Deadlifts – first and 2nd round I used 165#. First round I did 3 reps, 2nd round, 1. That is HEAVY and I think too much sometimes when doing the heavier stuff. My back has been hurting and I think that was a stop gap between me and the DLs today
Close Grip Bench Press – 65# was standard and I did 22 reps
Double Unders/Jump Rope – I have not yet mastered a Double Under. I am close and I know with practice I will get it. So I stuck with just jumping rope for now.
Pull-up (KIP)  – I love PULL-UPs. I guess I should have realized that standard Pull-ups with KIP do not use the box to steady themselves. I do! But I will keep working at it.
Power Crunches – Take a 15lb with handles,  slide it around a pole  and then grab the handles and do crunches keeping your hands at by the side of your face and touch your knees each time.  Now that’s a power crunch!

PT Station

This was a super tough, super sucky station:

BOSU Push-ups (your chest touches the BOSU each & every time)
25lb (DB) Hang Clean Squats

Sounds do-able right? Do it 30x, then 20x, then 10x each.  I shaved off a 1min 20 secs from my time. Now that’s an improvement!

How did you spend your morning?

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