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The first 2 links below are stemming from the Golden Globes. Awards season in Celebrity Land always brings out body image discussions. Yes, 99% of the actresses are too thin. Yes many of them are that way via cosmetic means or unhealthy means – but to the general public that is neither here nor there. These are our role models. Sad but true.

Giuliana Rancic’s Red Carpet Diet Obsession – Giuliana rancic diet – Jezebel.

Saw this from Mel‘s blog and I do think she has a weight obsession in general – she looks horrible. Way way too thin and reminds me of a photo I saw of Christina Aguilera a few weeks back where she looked too thin too. Come on ladies – enough is enough.

NYTimes scrutiny of Golden Globe actresses causes a riot. « We Are The Real Deal Body Image Blog.

So where does this leave us? Some women are complimented for seemingly gaining weight; others are distorted to make a point; and yet others are ignored? Is there a way to enjoy these shows and the fashion (if you’re so inclined) while avoiding all of the personal judgment that seems to be passed at the expense of the actresses?

CDC: 1 in 5 teens has cholesterol problems. Now what? –

This study is confusing for sure. But it would not suprise me that we are seeing increase in health issues in the younger set based on what we are all eating.

How Much Sitting is Too Much?.

A new study reported this week indicates that even as little as a few hours of continuous sitting causes metabolic changes that increase blood sugar levels and decrease the amount of fat used as fuel, therefore increasing the amount that goes back into storage as body fat.

What doesn’t now change your metabolic system right? This new lifestyle of being sedentary is showing all sorts of effects on our bodies. Get movin to counteract this is probably the only way to live…

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