Felt like home

There is nothing like getting a way even for just a day or so. It helps refresh and renew your self.  And to get away with a group of wonderful women who are there just simply to laugh, dance and enjoy each others company makes it that much better.

I came home to laundry being done, the house clean and the kids engaged in lego play. My husband was so happy that I actually got away that he made it that much easier to come home.

When you hang out with other women it helps you realize how alike people are. We are a bunch of ladies, all with different stories, careers, families but there were so many threads that intertwined and so many experiences that we all related to. I learned a ton too from these women.  It was nice, comforting, informative – all at the same time.  It felt like home – warm, cozy, familiar and fun.

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