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Ban on Food and Fluids in Labor Has No Benefit, Review Finds –

I remember being so hungry in labor, and was never really sure why we couldn’t eat. I know they say its because in case you need a c-section, but I didn’t and I was hungry. After I gave birth, I could have eaten a horse! I was starving and it had been HOURS since I had eaten. I was exhausted and hungry and let me tell you, that’s not a good combo.

Burned Out? So Are Your Kids – Well Blog –

Burnout defined as feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by work and school demands, feelings of cynicism about job and school work or feeling inadequate and powerless.

Sometimes I read studies like this and I go, yeah no duh.

Video Games No Substitute For Real Sport | Fitness Health

This is no surprise to me. Nothing beats the real thing! So while it again is better than not being active at all, it doesn’t hold a candle to just getting out there and doing the real thing.

I must be hungry today because here are a lot of articles below that deal with food.

20 Super Foods You Need to Build Muscle & Lose Fat |

Some great suggestions of foods to start eating to lose fat and build muscle. The only one I dont eat regularly is this one: 13. Quinoa. South American “king of grains”. Quinoa is higher in fiber & protein than rice or oats, tastes a lot better and is gluten free. Buy the whiter grain, it’s better quality. Eat it post workout with meat & spinach.

Why portion control matters –

…portion awareness is the key to making sure that more of the 200 food choices we make each day are closer to what our thinking brain.

When it comes to portion control, you can count on your brain not being very interested and your body not being very well calibrated…

The Ultimate How to Get Lean Guide.

Some great advice for those that are already active but looking to lose those last few lbs or lean up.

Get Physical: The Busy Body 20-Minute Work Out.

I’m all for quick workouts if you don’t have time to really do a long, focused on. Any sort of exercise is better than none at all for your mind and body.  So, find 20 mins and try this one out.

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