Enjoy your Sunday!

One of the great things about workin so hard on your fitness, is that your body changes. Or at least you hope that your body changes! Well for me, I have gone down about 3 clothing sizes. A few weeks back I went through my entire closet and purged bags and bags full of clothes. – The bags are actually sitting in my guest room, waiting for me to figure out what to do with them -.  So I obviously need new clothes. Wearing ill fitting clothing no matter what your size is really the wrong way to go!

I received this coupon in the mail last week, from Anthropologie. They sent it as a birthday card and it is actually a candle necklace and a coupon to use during my birthday month. You better believe I will be wasting no time “celebrating” my birthday with that discount.

This morning I went out early and shoveled for the 3rd time and got some serious exercise once again. I remember before I had starting working out, shoveling and being so weak and out of breath after just a few minutes. Now it’s a breeze. Just another benefit to being in good physical shape – household chores are made easier!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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