Stick with it!

Here is another Monday! Another gorgeous sunrise to be seen! Another boot camp workout!

2 min Burpees- the goal was to try to get at least 20!


Teeter totters
Bicycles moving up and down with our torso
One leg up rotations which are called ROBs
25 bottom up pushups

3 rounds AMRepsAP. We had 3 rest/active stations.

45lb OH Back squats/Burpees with a 14lb Dynamax ball
Box jumps/plyo pushups
20lb db push press squats
25lb kettlebell Figure 8s/Sumo squats with 25lb kettlebell
Partner Dynamax Ball toss

All that shoveling made my arms tight and sore but that’s the best time to push them!

So, it’s February and I am not sure where January went but went it did. For those of you that are struggling with your fitness goals or New Year’s Resolutions, remember it takes a while to see results but if you stick with it – you will see them. The payoff is worth it not only visually but in how you feel.

I was talking to a fellow bootcamp’r and she was telling me she hasn’t seen any sort of movement with the scale and she was frustrated. She did mention though that she noticed her clothes were fitting better and her body seemed to be more firm. Remember a few weeks back when I showed that image of 5lbs fat vs muscle and how different they look? Both weight 5 lbs, so when you are getting frustrated at the scale, remember – it’s not always the scale that tells the story of results!
Stick with it!!

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