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Personal Health – Food Rules From Michael Pollan Worth Following –

I highlighted the Jon Stewart Daily Show video with Michael Pollen a while back.

But I suspect that this little book, which is based on research but not annotated, can do more than the most authoritative text to get you motivated to make some important, lasting, health-promoting and planet-saving changes in what and how you eat.

Americans Are Afraid of Food | Fitness Articles, Workout Tips.

Interesting perspective to be found here. I agree that there are times when the fun out of eating is gone thinking about the high calorie content or the artery clogging concoction that was just consumed.  But I think it all goes back to moderation. Food should be enjoyed but not to the extent that you are totally out of control. Easier to say than to do though for most…

Americans have developed the Nocebo Effect when it comes to eating and enjoying great foods.  The Nocebo Effect – opposite of the Placebo Effect – occurs when people experience an immediate, negative reaction to a drug or food simply because of pessimism or a negative expectation.

Robert Kennedy’s Oxygen Women’s Fitness.

Try this quick cardio workout for leaner thighs and glutes from Oxygen Magazine next time you hit the treadmill at the gym. See if it works you out like it says it will.

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  • Maggie saw Michael Pollan on Oprah the other day (not sure when the show was actually on) and is now convinced that we should be making smarter choices at the supermarket. Reading his words, and yours, I can’t help but agree.

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