Thursday’s Workout is a Wrap

Plumbline Training Bootcamp

Calisthenics Warm-up: backwards lunges, high knees, tuck jumps, leg lifts
50 pushups
Core: crunches, 6 inch flutters, V-ups

3 -1 min rounds,- AMRepsAP
ring dips with 25lb vests
double rope waves with lunges
25lb db split jerks
Trifecta station: Power Clean, Push Press, Back Squat (65lbs)
Double box jumps

So I got some great news today! We all have certain goals we are working on with regards to our fitness plan. I was working on a certain body fat % and today – I hit it. I am not going to post the exact numbers etc, but everyone has their own plan and ideal #s. But in celebration of my hitting my goal – I am going to post my before and after pics that I have been keeping of my journey.

Stay tuned later today to see the pic!

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