Snow, Shoveling and Exercise!

What a crazy, crazy weekend I have had.  I think the final tally we got was about 32.5 inches.  I shoveled, shoveled, and them shoveled some more.  We lost power for half the day which was fun, yet challenging.  There is something about this crazy weather that brings your neighbors out too. Scotty and I went to an impromptu neighbor party which was a blast.

I am glad I went to the gym on Friday and ran. But there is something also about doing some serious manual labor that makes you feel strong as well.  I wasn’t even that sore from all the shoveling which I am taking as a sign of my fitness level because I know I broke a serious sweat.

This morning boot camp was actually canceled. I am not sure why, but I think it has to do with the lot not being plowed. My neighborhood just got plowed today. I went down to my basement and put the elliptical to work again and will continue to do another set tonite as usual.

It’s been such a weird and wacky few days with all this snow and I just heard that we are due for approximately another 10-20 inches of snow starting tomorrow. It’s surreal. And they canceled school for the rest of the week. We are going to have to get seriously creative with what to do with the kids this week!! ACK! I can handle a few days with the kids at home before we all start climbing the walls.

What are your thoughts on this crazy snow storm of 2010?

1 thought on “Snow, Shoveling and Exercise!”

  • We live in a very rural area with miles of driveway to plow. My husband spent 6 hours on Sat and another 6 hours on Sunday plowing. I shoveled the walk. Well, I shoveled as long as my 21 month-old, Margaret, would let me.

    I miss my routines. Margaret is no longer sleeping through the nights. I’m tired. Everything is off. Sleeping, eating, running, cleaning, working. Everything. However, I am still getting it all done (except for the sleeping). That I can be proud of.

    I’m just holding out till I can get a routine back. It doesn’t even have to be my old routing but it does have to be something I can depend on.

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