Don’t Lose your Resolve

Everyone struggles with living a healthy and fit life. Trust me on that one. It’s hard when there are so many distractions and easier ways to travel but living this sort of life has so many pay offs. But It Takes Time! It’s a long journey but with time and commitment the journey is fun, rewarding and worth it!  I found a lot of helpful reminders  and tips reading this post from Sparkpeople.  Sometimes you just need to hear it from others …and as one of my favorite quotes says “We read to know we aren’t alone” – CS Lewis My hope is in sharing this info with you is to give you that extra support you need this time of year, when those resolutions are starting to lose their importance to you and its easier to fall back into your old ways.

…This is about the time of year when people start falling off the New Year's Resolutions wagon and gradually climb back up on their unhealthy habits wagon. But, don’t be one of those people! The hardest thing about losing weight and getting healthy is that you have to be consistent. Even through the times when it's not fun, when the motivation waxes and wanes.

So instead of beating yourself up for straying from your workouts or healthy eating plan, stay on the weight-loss wagon and follow these five tips to stay motivated after the initial elation of healthy living has worn off!

via 5 Ways to Keep Your Resolutions on Track.

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