Happy President’s Day!

It’s President’s Day. Happy Birthday to all of our leaders! Last night I asked my family during dinner who was their favorite president and why. The answers were :

Abraham Lincoln – because he helped people and freed the slaves
Barack Obama – because he’s our president and he’s nice

George Washington – what a great man. Led our troops and led our country.
Ronald Reagan – was able to end crisis without wars and was able to help bring down the Berlin Wall.

Who are your favorite presidents?

If you are looking for things to do this site has some great suggestions for those local to the DC area:

President’s Day Kids’ Activities in Washington, DC Area
via Fun Things To Do With Kids: Washington, DC.

President’s Day at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens

Free admissions on February 15th. Among special events on President;s Day are breakfast featuring George Washington’s favorite breakfast meal, experience an 18th-century military encampment by the Second North Carolina Regiment and surprise George Washington with a serenade and gifts.

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