Yay for Platinum Sit-Ups!

Happy Tuesday and Happy “return to our family routine” day. No snow in the forecast for today so the family will start back into the swing of things. I love my kids and being able to be around them but there is really something to allowing some grown up time daily that I now appreciate more than ever.

Got up at my usual 5a and headed to boot camp with the Plumbline Ladies!

forward lunges

Partner situps
Partner Dynamax Ball toss
25 partner high five push-ups

3 rounds AMRepsAP
55lb lunges / bicep curls
jumping pull-ups
SOTs squat press 20lb kettlebells
65lb power clean squats
platinum sit-ups

I wanted to share a big milestone for me that happened today! Since I started camp, I have not been able to do a Platinum Sit-up. I have tried and tried. You basically hook your feet under a heavy dumbbell, starting in a standing position, you lie down and then stand up without using your hands. Well today, I was able to do them. Now I know I have come a long way since the beginning of this journey, but it’s really nice when you get to see some quantitative data on it. I was so excited that I stopped doing them to share the news but then remembered that I was in the middle of my round and continued on! It’s just proof that you never stop growing…

Here’s an example of a Platinum Sit-up or aka Sit Up to Stand:

More DIY videos at 5min.com

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