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For Olympians and weekend warriors, winter sports can trigger asthma –

Exercise-induced asthma is surprisingly common among people who work out in cold climates, whether they’re jogging around the neighborhood or gunning for gold in Vancouver.

I have Exercise Induced asthma and only found relief when I talked to my doctor and started using 2 different kinds of inhalers. It actually has gotten so much better since I began the use of the inhalers.  When I first started exercising in general, I chalked it up to just being out of shape, but it wasn’t like normal out of breath. It hurt in my lungs and it started fairly quickly after doing an activity and it was way worse in cold weather and in humidity.  But it doesn’t hold me back anymore…

An Elliptical Machine Offers A Great Change Of Pace For Serious Runners | Fitness Articles, Workout Tips.

As you know by now, we did purchase an Elliptical with a bunch of cool features to help keep the motivation and momentum going. This gives some solid advice on an elliptical workout.

Fitness and Nutrition Center: The 5 Best Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling.

So many people travel on the job and it really is hard to stick to a fit and healthy life plan. You don’t know what they put in the food you eat at that local restaurant, and working out in a hotel room? That’s asking a lot.  I like to give lots of different ideas to people who travel a lot. This article is a bit on the light side in my opinion, but it does give the reminder that you can workout on the road.

Eat Your Chips, But Not Every Day, Says Jamie Oliver | Fitness Health

Once again highlighting Jamie Oliver’s mission as a Food Crusader. He also believes in moderation which is something I totally agree on.

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