Staying on track

Now I get that when you go to a hotel, you aren’t going to get a state of the art fitness center but man, I personally felt that the fitness center sucked. When I saw the picture online I was like ok, I can handle that, but the picture really didn’t match the reality of it. When I got there all the cardio machines were being used except for this elliptical like machine.ย  So I got on that for 15 mins and then did the treadmill for another 15. I did some general stretching and pushups. The space for doing any sort of stretching was so small and they had no free weights. Oh well… I made the best of the situation and still made it to the gym!!

The past two weeks I have been so way off my eating plan, I am starting to get worried that i may never find my way back. Between my birthday and all of its celebrations, the blizzard while we were snowed in and this last trip to Williamsburg, I have eaten more crap food that I can remember. I am a bit anxious to see what the scale says tomorrow morning. I keep saying internally that I will get back on track tomorrow and then tomorrow comes, and I eat that dessert. Even I have issues staying focused at times, but I am committed to this life and know that i just need to focus.

I loved having a bit warmer weather the past few days. I am so over winter already. These snow storms really put a dent in my winter enjoyment.ย  I also want to get outside more to run. I have really missed heading out on the weekends on the WO&D trail with the rest of the community. I now have a deeper appreciation for spring!!

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  • I feel your pain on hotel gyms…the picture always looks better than what it really is ๐Ÿ™

    Yesterday, the weather in St. Pete was beautiful. I was able to get out and ride on the Pinellas Trail w/some friends (although they didn’t have road bikes). We road for about 20 miles, but I wasn’t able to get my HR really cranking bc I would totally blow them out of the water, so did a solid fat burning workout. Then I went golfing…got in 15 holes before it was too dark.

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