Group Training

Group Training at Plumbline this morning – there were 4 of us instead of the usual 6. I wore a Star Wars cap as I headed out the door.  It’s cold that early in the morning — so I was really a walking billboard for Pop Culture this AM – Star Wars cap and Run DMC shirt. How fun am I?

Warmup – practice double unders which I still am not able to do!

Core –
Stability Ball Mania 2 rounds:
Half pikes
leg roll ups
reverse extentions
reverse leg and back lifts
40 pushups

Workout 2rounds AMRepsAP
SDL – 145#
Arnold Press 25#
OH Squats 85# and yes I did all 10 which was the MAX amt of reps. SO next week I will probably go up in weight.
sand bag power clean squats 45#
Knee Roll ups on Pull up bar

Power Station
30,24,18 reps
ring push-ups
double unders / jump rope
max power clean 85#

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  • WOD – Loopy (and boy did I feel that way)
    Warmup – 500 jump ropes and max amount of dips w/3 min rest b/w each try (I got 25 w/middle band assist)
    Workout: AMRAP in 20 min (R=rounds)
    5 burpees
    10 ball squats
    15 SDHP 45lbs
    I did 8 1/3 rounds – def harder than I thought, my HR was really up there – high was 179, burned 618 calories.
    Cooldown (which was just as hard as the workout)
    Forearm planks hold for 90sec – front, left, right and repeat…talk about clean up on aisle 6 – tough and I struggled w/it (esp on the left side)

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