I headed to Gold’s Gym this morning bright and early. I have been itching to run since I haven’t really had a good run in a while – not that a treadmill run beats an outside run – but with winter here, it has to do.

I ran a 5k and then did some light weight training. I am sore from yesterday’s xfit free class, so I kept it light.ย  I did some core work too – 6 in flutters, 40 BOSU push-ups.

I have no real plans today – which is nice. Gonna spend some time doing some home de-cluttering.

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  • I biked for over an hour – went to the St. Pete waterfront and back to my condo…was pretty windy, so def felt it on the way back. Then I ran a lap around the pond at my complex…my legs didn’t like that ๐Ÿ™‚

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