Group Training – it’s a wrap

Morning Everyone! I am in a great mood today and had a great workout:

Warmup – practice double unders which I still am not able to do!

Core –
Stability Ball Mania 2 rounds:
Half pikes
leg roll ups
back extentions
reverse leg and back lifts
40 pushups

Workout 2rounds AMRepsAP
SDL – 145#
Arnold Press 25#
OH Squats 85#  – 10 reps each round
sand bag power clean squats 45#
Knee Roll ups on Pull up bar

Power Station
30,24,18 reps
ring push-ups
double unders / jump rope
max power clean 85#

Finished in record time for the Power station and that’s a wrap for this group session. Next week – on to a new workout! I love the end of the group training because you can look back and see how far you have come. The first week is so tough and by week 4 – I wouldn’t say it was easy but there is a noticeable difference.

2 thoughts on “Group Training – it’s a wrap”

  • Can you handle the truth? WOD – The Truth!
    1 mile run
    75 burpees
    1/2 mile run
    50 thrusters (push press squat 65lbs)
    1/4 mile run
    25 GHD (glute ham situp thingies)
    1 mile run
    Time – 52:01

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