Monday Blues

I’ve got a serious case of Monday blues people. I woke up this morning not wanting to go workout – but as usual, there are no excuses so I got up and headed out.

I have a real serious mental case when it comes to the scale. In my entire adult life, I have never owned one nor had the desire to own one. I know I give a lot of power to those numbers so I prefer to live in the dark and go by how I actually feel and then add in how my clothes fit.  I have a number that I want to be in my head and if I am not at the number, I seriously obsess. It’s not healthy — but as I have said before — you don’t change overnight.  So Michael forces us to weigh in or he charges us $$. I personally would be happy not weighing in at all. I am trying to live by how I feel rather than a number on the scale. So today I was up 2lbs and I allowed it to throw off my entire workout. I kept obsessing about it, thinking about it, thinking about the slippery slope I am on.

A rational person would think – maybe it’s a normal fluctuation, maybe it’s all the salt you ate yesterday, maybe it’s that time of the month, or maybe it’s because you need to get back on the train and really watch what you eat. But as I said above, I am not rational when it comes to the scale and my weight.  A thousand people can tell me – relax, it’s ok, its normal, it happens to me… but it doesn’t change what I am feeling about it today. I feel like I am failing, like I am letting myself down, that I am fat, that I am losing steam.  I am in a funk this morning…as you can probably tell. You have peaks and valleys in any worthwhile journey – even the most committed ones do apparently.

Plumbline Training workout:

Warm-up started off with a mini circuit:

2 1min rounds AMRepsAP
fast steps
jump ropes
jump squats

core work 2 rounds
prone bridge bounce
full body extensions
knee raises
25 bottom up push-ups

5 min stations
snatch squats
kettlebell swings
SL deadlifts on a step / SDHP
jump ropes/double unders / double burpees
Dynamax ball throws/wall ball squats

4 thoughts on “Monday Blues”

  • WOD – Tater Tot (no clue why it is called that)
    Warmup – 10min light cardio/stretching
    5 rounds for time:
    farmers carry – 40lbs in each hand, walked the parking lot
    15 wheelies
    30 jumping alternating lunges
    30 sledgehammers
    15 DB bench press – 30lbs in each hand
    15 L-pullups
    100 jump ropes
    my time – 45:28 burnt close to 600 calories
    Tonite – swim 3/4 of a mile

  • So sorry you’re feeling down. If you’ve read my blog post from Saturday, you know I can totally relate. I keep trying to tell myself it’s just a number, but it’s hard to really truly believe that. Here’s hoping your endorphins perk you up a bit!

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