Workin it out

Our Plumbline workout today is good & fast paced.  It’s one of my favorites so far…

warmup 2 rounds:
lunge jumps

core 2 rounds
Partner situps
Partner Dynamax Ball toss where Melissa keeps trying to hit my face.
25 partner high five push-ups

3/1 min rounds AMRepsAP
55lb lunge jumps / bicep curls
jumping pull-ups
Kettlebell SOT press 20lb
65lb power clean squats
platinum sit-ups

So I spent most of yesterday afternoon buying a car. I traded in the mini-van and reclaimed my “sexiness”.  With my oldest kid out of a car seat, I figured we would downsize a bit.  My kids love clutter and the more space I give them to have clutter, the more it accumulates.  So – we got a smaller SUV…

So here it is – A 2007 Acura RDX.

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