Just keep swimming..

Plumbline Training workout for today was the end of another boot camp session. We start fresh next week with all new routines.  That’s the thing I really like about my boot camp – every 4 weeks you get a completely new routine. Helps combat boredom and you are keeping your body active within the workout. Too long doing one thing – the results become limited.

backwards lunges
straight leg lifts (right leg, left leg)
high knees
tuck jumps

6in flutters
half pikes
placement sit-ups
45 push-ups

3 rounds AMRepsAP / 1 min stations
45lb  Iso/lat overhead  shoulder lifts / Iso Sit -ups –(not the technical names – you are on your back lifting)
ring dips
hang clean squats 25lb dbs
box scissor steps / tabatas
ballistic push press 65lb

For those of you that committed to living a healthy and fit life at the top of the year – I hope you are keeping at it. It’s easy to just give up or not give your all to this resolution – we all have been there – but you have to persevere. As Dori said – just keeping swimming, swimming! And it’s not always easy. EVERYDAY you have to re-commit to this – remind yourself of the benefit and how good you feel – not only physically but mentally. I know I feel so proud every single day when I am driving home from boot camp. I can check one thing off my daily list and for me, it’s probably one of the hardest things on my list that day.

So today if  you catch yourself flaking on your commitment – Remember why you made your commitment and how great you feel.  And even  if you don’t feel like it, just get out there and do something active. You will totally be into it once you are doing it.

And know you are not alone…

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