The Eeyores of the World

So what explains those men and women who repeatedly pursue a path that leads to pain and disappointment? Perhaps there is a hidden psychological reward.

via Mind – It’s Self-Defeating Behavior That Done Them Wrong –

You probably know at least one person in your life that is always pontificating on why bad things continually happen to them – from relationships, to personal endeavors – nothing goes right. They have a sad story about it all. The Eeyores of the world as I call them. They just don’t get why things happen to them – and if you try to give them advice or guidance – well let’s just say it’s a lost cause, you just can’t win.

This writing business. Pencils and what-not. Over-rated, if you ask me. Silly stuff. Nothing in it.
— Eeyore – Winnie the Pooh

It’s almost as if these Eeyores are happier being miserable, they just don’t see things rationally. I have run into quite a lot of people like this in my life and try to befriend them, offer help, be their voice of reason and I end up frustrated and down-right annoyed at them.

I decided a while ago, that having any sort of real relationship with Eeyores is futile. They look for ways you can hurt them with your actions. Seemingly mundane actions, which to any Joe would be forgettable, these people take to heart. I think their energy is toxic and contagious. You can feel them bring a room down.  So – for me, when I realize that someone in my life fits the profile, I tend to keep them at arm’s length.
How about you? Do you know any Eeyores in your own life?

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