Zooma Women’s Race Series

I read about this new series of races called Zoom from Mel’s blog – The Clothes Make the Girl and it sounds really interesting.

Zooma Women’s Race Series is an exciting new concept in women’s running that celebrates the power and beauty of all women. From their website:

  • Purpose is to promote women’s and girls’ health and fitness by encouraging them to participate in a challenging and fun running event
  • Pampering amenities and exciting entertainment with a “girls’ weekend” atmosphere
  • Inaugural event held in Annapolis, MD on June 1, 2008 attracted over 1,600 runners
  • ZOOMA welcomes both men and women to participate in all ZOOMA events.
  • 2010 events will be held in Austin, TX, Annapolis, MD, Colorado Springs, CO, and Atlanta, GA

Sounds like a great concept to encourage overall fitness and a healthy lifestyle that is personalized to women. I have found for me, personalization is the key to keeping my overall commitments. Make it fun and meaningful to the audience, it’s more likely to stick.  There is no one way to exercise and/or lead a fit life for everyone and we all have different needs or accommodations that we need to take into account. So if you are near to one of these, check it out!!

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