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Mental health providers should prescribe exercise more often for depression, anxiety, research suggests.

Exercise is a magic drug for many people with depression and anxiety disorders, and it should be more widely prescribed by mental health care providers, according to researchers who analyzed the results of numerous published studies.

Workout in Less Time with HIT |

More information about High Intensity Training as an effective way to get a workout in. Less time, higher intensity. It’s what I do as my primary workout during the week.

25 Popular Foods With Almost Zero Nutritional Value | Workout Mommy.

We love to eat them, but our bodies hate them because they provide absolutely no nutrition whatsoever and also bring on ailments and disease, the worst of which is obesity which itself leads to other ills. We must eat to live, not live to eat, and that’s why we must try to avoid these 25 foods, popular though they may be, because they have very little nutritional value and are loaded with all that’s bad for us.

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