Here’s to getting back at it

photo by rhoaglund

I really wanted to go for a run today. I got up quicker than normal, got dressed in my running stuff and came downstairs to start my day with a cup o joe.  Scotty said good morning – I would prefer you not go running today because I worry that you will hurt your back more and would rather you go running tomorrow.  So I gave in to his request, and decided to do something less weight bearing – I hit the elliptical and did 45 minutes and guess what? It felt great! Really Great! Yeah!

Yesterday I went to a chiropractor. I have always been doubtful about chiropractors. I have heard that once you go, you have to go all the time. I have heard they are dangerous. My friend Sara told me that I need to figure out what the root cause of my injury was and that her chiropractor has done Olympic athletes  – heck, I’m an athlete now – I might as well try it out.  I got there and he took some xrays (I will find out what they show next week).  He then put some electrical nodes and heat on my back for 15 minutes and I left feeling much improved. He doesn’t think its super serious based on the general tests he did moving my legs around but did notice that even when I am lying on my stomach, no weight on my back – that my lower back muscles were very tight. He thinks its a bruised sacram bone which I guess could be called the tailbone. The muscles are all inflamed and it’s hard to tell what exactly caused the issue.

I have very very tight hamstrings and stretching those and then doing the back exercises we did on Weds combining with that final box jump — apparently did me in.  I head back to the chiropractor on Tuesday and he did say I could run this weekend and go back to boot camp on Monday. He said to just make sure I do not repeat those exercises for a while.

So all in all good news — although painful!

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