Personal Health – Risks for Youths Who Eat What They Watch –
We have all been there with our kids. They are watching a show on TV or at the store with us and you hear the “mommy, can you buy <insert product here> for me?  Usually at my house it’s a high sugar item like fruit rollup stickers or sugary cereal. I believe in moderation so I do buy some it and give it to them in moderation but the power of the ads is quite apparent.

Many factors influence children’s food choices: where they eat; what their friends and siblings eat; what parents eat and drink and bring into the house; what is served at school; and, of course, what they like.

Diets high in added sugar raise heart disease risk

Goes along with eating high sugar cereals and other junk. We advertise it to kids – they develop a taste for it – end up being adults with higher heart disease risks. Slippery slope.

A study says daily sugar intake can alter important blood fats. Whether the source is sugar cane or high fructose corn syrup, the ‘sugar effect’ persists.

Mourning the Death of a Pet – Well Blog –

Having lost my Scully a year ago this past weekend and talking with other friends who have or are going thru the loss of a pet right now – it is grief, sadness, loneliness. All the feelings you have towards people you know – pets are your family too. It takes time to deal with the loss —

It’s not only animal researchers who are taking note of the grief that occurs when a pet dies. The journal Perspectives in Psychiatric Care noted that the bond between people and their pets can affect both physical and mental health, and that the grief reaction that occurs after a pet’s death is “in many ways comparable to that of the loss of a family member.”

The many ways to share bad news – Los Angeles Times.

This resonated with me a lot. Having started my colon-c blog to primarily save me from having to relay the entire story and process to all of our friends and family. We have no family local so this was a way they could keep themselves updated. I also find that it has helped quite a few people who are now having to deal with a cancer diagnosis in their own family.  Instead of me having to rehash every doctor appointment, every test result – I just refer them to colon-c. Enough said.

More are using electronic forms of communication such as personal Web pages, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and blogs to share medical news and updates. They can spread the word quickly, but critics believe such news demands a more personal approach.