Thursday & the dreaded lunges

Plumbline Training:

Warmup x 2:
high knees
heel to butt

Core x 2
general stretching
good mornings (lean over and then jump up)
50 push-ups

1 mile run
box push-ups x 2
25db lunges (aka HELL)
65lb OH push press
45lb sandbag dead lifts x 2

My run time today was 8:04 so not as great as last week. I did stop and walk 3/4 of the way because I was really having a hard time catching my breath. The mix of the cold air and my asthma can catch up with me although it’s a thousand times better that it used to be. I also decided to try a different approach to my workout and did half the lunges with the 25lbs dbs in hand and then the rest with 15lbs dbs. I am having a hard time keeping going from lunge to lunge with the heavier weight and wanted to work on form rather than weight.

I am going to post later about taking your kids to work day and realizing how much I love working with the younger generation….

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