Plumbline Workout:

2 min jump rope

general stretching
2 rounds:
Stability Ball crunches
ball scissor twists
ball 83s – ball between your legs, legs straight. When you do the sit up, bend your knees with the ball and touch the sides of your ankles.
2 rounds:
reverse crunch on your stomach
stomach back kicks

2 rounds:
PowerStation: 100lb bench press (10)
OH sit-up
35lb kettlebell figure 8s (20)
75lbs power clean squats
double rope waves

PT Station:
3 min each station AMRAP:
85lb hang cleans
65lb push press OH Squats

I am still trying to regain my power clean form. I am pulling up way too early and seem to pause and think about it which then slows me down. Arggh…frustration!

So, I took Hannah who just turned 8 in March to her first eye dr appointment with my friend Dr Tina. It is confirmed she has her Momma’s eyesight  – which is not necessarily a great thing – so she needs glasses.  I am so thankful that she saw it as a good thing and we picked out 2 really cute frames and she is excited to get them.  For me,  I had mixed emotions about it and I am not sure why. I had glasses at a young age, so I know it is no big deal but maybe it’s the start of her not being a little girl anymore – or maybe I am just being an over emotional Mom. You decide. From advice I received – we ended up choosing 2 pairs and will be waiting for them for about a week thanks to our insurance plan.

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