Rest days are for the weak

Is it a bad thing that I decided to forgo a rest day to enjoy a beautiful day outside. I went for a 1.5 mi run and then mowed my yard all during my lunch hour.  There is something about getting outside and soaking in that Vit D and being physical that just makes you feel good.  I do have to admit though that the run was tough. My legs hurt and are really tight so that’s why I didn’t push myself to go longer.

I am so glad this weekend is here. The company that I work for is all about education and when you are in marketing, the period before Back to School is our busiest. Guess what time that is?? Spring through the Summer — so everyone in my department is crazy busy, short on patience, and long on work. Does not make for the funnest atmosphere but it is good we are busy.

I found myself in the crabbiest mood yesterday and took it out on some unsuspecting folks. I had a doctor’s appointment this week and I thought it was yesterday but apparently it was Weds. So I go  there on Thursday and the front desk lady was like Um, it was YESTERDAY! So I was like oh man, is there any way Dr can see me? It was just for a quick checkin. She says no I will have to reschedule you. So I said well i am out of meds, can you have someone write me some until my appt and she was like um I will have to write a note and you will have to come back. I said can you see if it can be done now so I dont have to come back until my appt. She says Have a seat…

A few mins later, she calls me over and has this guy with her. I explained the situation and he looks at me and says: Well, why did you miss you appointment. What was being said in my head, I guess I verbalized and looked at him and said “What kind of question is that?” I mean really — bc I wanted to inconvenience you and me and take a nap. I did now let’s move on. So I was ticked off from that moment on. So he says well what medication are you on that you need — in front of the desk, with other patients around – so I tell him – and he says well you can live without that for a few days — Um. is he my medical doctor and knows my particulars?? I don’t think so, so how is he able to even say that.  I said  — excuse me, I have to have my meds  and he says  – like I said – we will put a note in the Dr file and they will get back to you. I was like you 2 are very rude and he hands me his card and says report me.  Then he continues to talk to me so I looked at him and said You are still talking, but I am not listening to you anymore and turned to the desk lady and says when is the next appt? So she says when would you like it? I said Monday — she click click with her long nails — oh we have nothing Monday. I was like WTF did you just ask me that. then.. so I have to wait until WEDS. Now I get that I forgot my appointment, it has never happened before, but honestly, did they have to be so rude and unprofessional about it?

I laughed on the way to my car. I can not believe I said You are still talking …that is something Nate would say.  I have no idea what inside of me said that either. It’s very uncharacteristic of me – I was just ticked off.

Have a good Friday Everyone!

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