Monday is Here!

Welcome to Monday. It was hard to get up so I chose this picture from the Toys R Us in Times Square, NYC to capture my feelings about it. Enjoy!
It was a new camp session.

warmup x2:
rockette kicks
forward lunges
back peddling

core x2:
25 bottom up push-ups
6in flutters
V ups
crazy eights on your back

65lb ground press x2
15lb dbs OH Lunges 20 yds
20lb kettle bells power clean squats
30 placement sit ups (PSUs)
200 yd run odd round/400 yd run even round

I am having issues with my foot still. Flexing seems to be the issue. I can run and jump on it but anything like a lunge seems to cause me pain. I need to get serious about icing it at night so it can heal.

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