I have mentioned the past few weeks about my stress levels and how high they are right now.  Some say running is a great way to way to handle stress. Any exercise is really but here is some info on running and why it’s so good!

Running is particularly great as a stress relief technique for a few reasons:

  • Endorphins We may as well mention this one first: these feel-good hormones that are secreted when we run (sometimes leading to what’s commonly referred to as “runners’ high”) can make us feel less stressed and more happy and relaxed even after we stop running or other exercise.
  • Release Pounding the pavement can provide a release for negative emotions and an outlet for frustrations.
  • Escape One of my avid runner friends has always remarked that she’s ‘running away from’ the stresses of life when she runs. Running does provide a nice change of scenery and a sense of going somewhere else, on top of the other benefits.
  • Support There are many outlets for runners to hook up with other runners. There are also opportunities to turn running into a public service, like when participation in a marathon leads to helping a good cause. Support for training is also available to marathon participants, which makes sticking with running a much easier endeavor.
  • Fitness Physical fitness does more than just help relieve the stress of bikini season–it can supply energy and stamina to manage the stressors of the day and the challenges of life.

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