And the workout for today is…

Another scorcher out there for the morning workout. There is nothing fun about working out when its this hot and humid outside..well maybe one thing: when it’s over!  How about you? What are you doing today to align with your fitness goals?

warmup x 2
side shuffle
skip jumps
general stretching

core x 2
partner leg raises
ball twists
high five push-ups

5 min stations
boxjumps at 2 min mark: run to cone and back resume box jump and at 4 min: run resume box jump
25lb kettlebell swings
heavy jump rope at 2 min mark: 5 inchworms resume heavy rope at 4 min: inchworm resume heavy rope
run half mile/20lb db hang cleans
65lb SDHP at 2 min mark: 10 burpees resume SDHP at 4 min mark: 10 burpees resume SDHP

1 thought on “And the workout for today is…”

  • WOD – Get It Off Your Chest
    200 Feet of Bear Crawl Holding On To A Power Wheel
    75 PVC Overhead Squats
    500M Row
    30 Bodyweight Bench Press
    1000M Row
    20 Bodyweight Bench
    2000M Row
    10 Bodyweight Bench
    I used 90lbs, which btw was more than a couple of the guys – really? I forget my time, but it was around 31min. The rowing started to really hurt by 1000M. Chest was def feeling it! The goal was to do as many reps as you can, rest a few seconds and go again. If you didn’t drop the weight on yourself at least once, you didn’t have enough weight on the bar! lol
    Cool Down:
    100 Leg Raises

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