Phys Ed: A Workout for Your Bloodstream – Well Blog –

Another great reason to add exercise into your daily routine. This study says that it has metabolic effects and that being fit helps your body run more efficiently. Who can argue with that?

But a new study that gauged the metabolic effects of exercise may significantly advance our understanding of what’s going on inside a body in motion. During the experiment, scientists actually saw how much being fit changes your ability to incinerate fat, moderate blood sugar and otherwise function well. They also uncovered proof, at once inspiring and cautionary, of just how complicated and pervasive exercise’s consequences are.

Boston launches Soda-Free Summer Challenge.

Soda is bad period. Parents should try to limit the soda consumption of their families. It is not a common drink in our house since I gave it up over a year ago. There is no health benefit to it whatsoever!

Soda from a marketing perspective: “It’s bubbly, sweet and drinking it makes your life like a non-stop party!” The reality of excessive soda consumption: sugar-heavy sodas have been linked to America’s growing rates of obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, heart disease and depression.