It IS worth it

This heat is such an extra challenge for me. It seems to just zap any extra energy I may have – making tough workouts that much tougher. I do have to say though – I am happy I get it over with early in the morning. I can not imagine having to go in the evening and endure the hot, sticky heat.  And my body is just angry with me – I am sore and having to do those checkpoint pushups burpee things..I was groaning the entire time – it was a mix of groaning and ow’ing. I did not finish in the 30 min time limit. I think i was like a 1:30 over which is no surprise. I really had to dig deep inside to find the mental grit to continue on especially with the jump ropes. I am happy the week is almost over. Oh, and even though I am whining about the heat and my soreness – it still makes me happy and proud of myself that I do this day in and day out. It is WORTH it.

Warmup x 2
high knees
forward lunges
heel to butt

Core x 2
hip missions
core twists up and down – (legs and shoulders up and you twist, twist, twist then when he says down, you bring your shoulders down quickly and then right back up and begin twist — over and over and over again)
pilate stretch called Pilates Hundred.
50 push-ups
General Stretching

15, 12, 9, 6, 3
push press 65lbs
checkpoint pushups x 2
100 Jump rope plus x 5 of the # above
run (400m, 200m, 100m) repeat
power clean 95lbs

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