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I find this post humorous – it’s something I think about a lot too — cheating on your reps. I remind myself that you are only hurting yourself if you cheat and it’s not about other people – it’s about me. Sometimes that works, other times it pisses me off when I see someone finishing way ahead of me even though I know they modified a station or something. Why the heck do I care – I wonder…. again, they are hurting themselves and every move I make, benefits ME!

In recent weeks we here at Life AsRx have been discussing the subject of people cheating during their workouts. Although we would like to think this doesn’t happen in CrossFit we all know that occasionally certain individuals do shave reps to have a better score on the board. The question is, who is responsible (if anyone) for calling them out and how should it be done.

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  • Some days we all have to “fake it till we make it.” I don’t do crossfit, however, I do yoga. Its just me and a recording in the room. Some days I “cheat” when I don’t take a pose a deep as I have before, however, some days I just don’t have it in me. I do what I can.

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