Art Camp for Kids – Thinking Outside the Box | K12 Blog thinktank

Art Camp for Kids – Thinking Outside the Box | K12 Blog thinktank.

We all know parents who continually share stories about their kids’ talents and how they have a prodigy in the making. I am totally not one of those parents who goes on and on about their children’s talents – I swear — but my 8 year old daughter, Hannah, appears to have a talent for art– no really, she does, and I am NOT one of those parents…

I always look for ways to encourage my kids to explore different things that spark their interest. Hannah has always been creative – since she was a toddler and even today, she always has a sketch pad in hand. In the past, she has attended various types of art classes, but something about the structure of it turned her off. Sometimes as a parent, you have to almost force your kids to keep at something but with this, I was worried that if I strongly encouraged her to keep going to the classes, it would turn something that she loves into something that felt like a chore, so she took a break from any sort of structured art class. I just began to look for ways to encourage her to just sketch, draw and create when the inspiration strikes so she doesn’t lose the inspiration.

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